Bedford hotels



If you're planning on staying overnight in Bedford, there are a number of options.


The best hotel is probably The Swan, which is in the town centre and about five minutes' walk from the theatre. It's in a nice spot by the river -- and the food's good, too! Their website is and the telephone number's 01234 346 565.


As with all the hotels, it's advisable to book early, before the higher rates kick in.


Opposite The Swan, on the other side of the river, is The Park Inn: . Telephone number is 01234 799 988.


There are also three budget hotels:


1. The Travelodge in Brickhill Drive, about a mile from the theatre. Telephone 08719 846 276; website


2. The Travelodge in Goldington Road, again about a mile from the theatre. Telephone 08715 591 804; website


3. Holiday Inn Express. On the outskirts of town, the address is: Elstow Interchange A6/A421 , Bedford Bypass Junction , Bedford, MK42 9BF. It's just under three miles from the theatre, though it's 500 yards from the park and ride bus terminal at Elstow car park (MK42 9XF). There's a bus every fifteen minutes, going to Bedford bus station in the town centre; said bus station is five minutes' walk to the theatre.




There are a number of B&Bs in the town, and some very nice ones if you fancy staying in one of the local villages. Worth a search on Google!