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Bedford Who Charity Con 4

The Quarry Theatre

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The Guests:




Colin, of course, played the Doctor on television from 1984 to 1986, and

for Big Finish from 1999. He reprised the role for the stage play

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure in 1989.


Born in London, Colin was educated at St Bede's College Manchester

and went on to train as a solicitor. He attended Lamda from 1966.


A hugely prolific film, stage and television actor, Colin starred in

The Brothers as Paul Merroney in the 1970s. Other notable television

roles include Blake's 7, War and Peace, Fall of Eagles, The Citadel, Juliet Bravo, Swallows and Amazons Forever!, Jonathan Creek -- and Commander Maxil in Doctor Who. Theatre work include Captain Terri Dennis in Privates on Parade, Inspector Morse, Laertes in Hamlet and a host of pantomime and Gilbert and Sullivan.


Colin has a regular column in the Bucks Free Press and is the author of the books Look Who's Talking, Second Thoughts, Gallimaufry: A Collection of Short Stories and Sixth Sense.


He's a hugely popular, warm and witty convention guest and we're looking forward to welcoming him to Bedford.





John Leeson has variously been an actor (following his RADA

training), a magistrate, a wine critic, a continuity announcer on

Channel 4, a writer, and a voice artist for talking books for the



In 1977, his agent rang to ask if he'd be interested in providing

the voice for the eponymous Invisible Enemy in Doctor Who,

later revealed in all its glory as a giant prawn and causing Tom

Baker to comment, 'A deep fat fryer would soon have put paid to

his schemes.' John agreed. He also agreed to provide the voice

for a robot dog for the story...


Forty years later, John is still -- wonderfully -- the voice of K9.


John wowed us at the first two Bedford Who Charity Cons and we're really pleased that he's agreed to return to be with us again.





Like John, Sophie is something of a stalwart of Bedford Who

Charity Cons; she attended the first two and was a huge hit

with the audiences -- not least when she bravely agreed to

take part in a sketch with The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet

Theatre at BWCC2.


She was, of course, Ace in Doctor Who from 1987 to 1989,

the final companion in the series' original run. Sophie

continues to play the part for Big Finish.


A hugely versatile voice artist, Sophie was Dennis the Menace

himself, and Tree Fu Tom. She was the presenter of the

children's programmes Corners and Melvin and Maureen's

Music-a-grams. Theatre appearances include Daisy Pulls It Off and Marjorie Pinchwife in Lust, a musical version of The Country Wife.


It's going to be great to have her back with us.





Born in Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire, Angela began her career in repertory theatre

in Worthing. Film work soon followed and Angela starred in a number of the Carry On

films in the 1960s, appearing alongside Jon Pertwee and the Meddling Monk himself,

Peter Butterworth. She also featured in The Comedy Man, Digby, the Biggest Dog in the

World and The Four Feathers.


Angela's television credits include Jason King, The Avengers, Dixon of Dock Green, The

Saint, Z Cars, Casualty, Holby City and Coronation Street.


In 1989, she appeared in Battlefield, the first story of the final season of classic-Who, as

Doris Lethbridge-Stewart. We learned way back in 1974 that the Brigadier once had a

girlfriend called Doris: in Planet of the Spiders, Jon Pertwee's swansong story, the

Doctor's experiments in ESP revealed that the Brigadier's watch had been given him by

Doris to express her gratitude for -- something. We never found out what, as the Brig

hurriedly snatched his watch back before anything else embarrassing could come out.

Even so, the pair obviously got back together and were seen happily married during the Brig's retirement. Doris was also, we can assume, the mother of Kate Lethbridge-Stewart (and the granddaughter-in-law of Captain Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart from Twice Upon a Time).


Angela is a new guest for us and we're looking forward to seeing her.





Mike is one of the few people to have worked both on classic and new-Who.

He joined the BBC special effects department in the 1980s and was an assistant

SFX designer on many of the Sylvester McCoy stories, including designing the

(very alien) aliens in Ghost Light. The BBC closed its in-house effects department

just before its biggest customer came back on the scene, when Doctor Who returned

in 2005. Effects for the new series were contracted out and The Model Unit, Mike's

company, provided miniature effects for episodes starring Christopher Eccleston,

David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.


Mike and The Model Unit won a BAFTA for their effects on The Day of the Doctor;

Mike had previously won a BAFTA for the drama-documentary Hiroshima.


Mike's other Doctor Who work includes his writing, as a scriptwriter for Big Finish and

as a novelist for BBC Books


Mike is an excellent and witty speaker whose presentations have been hugely

enjoyed by audiences at Bedford Who Charity Cons. He's agreed this year to do a presentation about The Model Unit's effects for last season's Thin Ice and the newly completed Shada.


It's good to have him back.





Elen has appeared in a number of episodes of new-Who,

playing alongside Christopher Eccleston's and David Tennant's

Doctors. She specialised in aliens and was an Auton in Rose, the

first story of the relaunched series; the female Clockwork Droid in

The Girl in the Fireplace; one of the original Weeping Angels in

Blink; and a Futurekind in Utopia, which reintroduced the Master.

Now a make-up artist, Elen herself is very friendly and not at all frightening. You can come out from behind the sofa now.