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Bedford Who Charity Con 5

Saturday 13th April 2019




- Colin Baker on Bedford Who Charity Con 4

The Theatre

University of Bedfordshire

Polhill Avenue

Bedford MK41 9EA

As you can see, you can get your photo taken

with the guests. No fee, just a donation to

Bedford Foodbank of whatever you think's appropriate.















And, in case you need them,

here are some more comments

about Bedford Who Charity Cons...


"Was a fabulous con! Relaxed and fun! Hope you

raised lots of money and can do another one."


"This event just gets better every year, mainly because you don't allow yourself to lose

sight of what has made it work so beautifully from year one. You could so easily make it

bigger, noisier and more commercial... the beauty of the event is that it feels like a

gathering of friends..."

"Another amazing day. Thank you!

And see you at the next one!"


"Does it get any better? Really well done

and thank you so much to Simon and the

organisers who put in so much hard work

to pull it together... my daughter and I

had a fantastic day out"


"Always a brilliant day! Lovely family

friendly atmosphere!"

"A great day. My first involving getting

autographs and talking to the guests

rather than staring at them from afar

and pointing and giggling! Well organised



"Really fun performances and the guests

all seemed really happy to be there."


"Had a truly wonderful day today at the

Convention. From start to finish it was

flawless... Everyone was so friendly and

accommodating and the guests were

engaging and entertaining. A truly unique

convention and one not to be missed in the



"Great day... again!"


"The very best fan convention. Fun,

friendly... all about raising money not making

money. The guests took time to talk and get to know the fans. Amazing costumes and great



"Thanks again to everyone involved for organising, appearing at, working on, and/or

contributing to such an excellent convention. I had a great day."


"We had a fantastic time as always!"

"It was our first convention.

We all had a great day."


"It was brilliant!"


"Excellent. Very friendly!"


"Nice relaxed atmosphere."


"A very successful day; thank you for organising it!"


"I enjoyed everything, especially meeting Nicola, Sophie, Anneke and the others..."

"What really struck me was how informal the whole thing was, and how down to earth the guests were. Lovely people, a great day..."


"Brilliant event. Really, really enjoyed it."


"Brilliant day again"



"A lovely day as always" - Mike Tucker


"Truly lovely day. Thanks to all who came and all who worked so hard to create a great atmosphere." - Sophie Aldred

"A delightful day in Bedford. It restored my faith in family Doctor Who gatherings. Thank you to all who came along for making it such a fun day." - Anneke Wills





We're holding the ticket prices for the second year running. As you may have

noticed, we're in a new venue; the University Theatre won't be selling tickets as

they don't have the box office facilities, so you need to get them direct from the

organiser (Simon); contact details below.


Prices are as follows:

  • Adults: £42.50
  • 14-18s and full time students: £22.50
  • Under 14s: £15


Family tickets (genuine family groups only, please!)

  • 1 adult and 1 child: £50
  • 1 adult and 2 children: £55
  • 2 adults and 1 child: £80
  • Additional children (under 14): £8 each.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, please.


For people affected by the economic climate, we have a number of concessionary tickets available; please contact Simon in confidence.


We can take payment by cheque, PayPal or BACS. For all orders, if you feel moved

to add the price of a stamp (56p!), it would be gratefully received; it also means we

can pass more on the the Foodbank.


Cheques need to be made payable to Bedford Who Charity Con, please, and sent to Simon Danes at

20 Close Road, Pavenham MK43 7PP. Don't forget to include a note giving your name and address and

what tickets you'd like.


For BACS and PayPal payments, please contact Simon on info@bedfordwhocharitycon.co.uk for details.




Musings on ticket prices...


Bedford Who Charity Con ticket prices are about standard for this type of event (and they're actually on the low side...!). We'd love them to be cheaper (or even free!) but, alas, we have to cover our costs and events like this are expensive to put on. The organisers and crew are unpaid; we also do some fundraising to help with set up costs, and that helps keep ticket prices steady.


So: the ticket prices are designed to cover our costs and raise some money for Bedford Foodbank. None of the ticket price goes into the pockets of the organisers!


The ticket isn't a basic ticket, with lots of supplementary charges sneaked in afterwards; it gets you access to everything. Photos with the guests are free, though we ask for a donation to the charity bucket in exchange. Some guests charge for autographs.


Bedford Who Charity Con 5 is an independent Doctor Who convention run by and for fans of Doctor Who; it is not endorsed by the BBC. Doctor Who is copyright to the BBC and characters and aliens are copyright to their respective writers. Please be aware that guests can occasionally be called away for filming et al.


Bedford Who Charity Con 5

Saturday 13th April 2019

University of Bedfordshire Theatre

10.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Please keep an eye on updates here and on our Facebook page:



Welcoming, friendly, relaxed, informal...

Enormous fun.


A small scale Doctor Who convention where you get to meet and chat to the guests...


Now in their fifth year, Bedford Who Charity Cons are hugely popular with attendees. Why not come along and see what all the fuss is about?!


Please scroll down for details of how to order tickets.



Is it going to be any good? Here's some feedback on previous Bedford Who Charity Cons...


  • "This was by far the best convention we have been to. It is my hope to return next year..."


  • "The very best fan convention"


  • "One of the best [Doctor Who] events I've been to. Warm and relaxed atmosphere, amazing guests and fascinating panels."




  • "A 'must attend' event if you live anywhere nearby. Or if you just live anywhere,

actually. Just make sure you get there next year for a traditional style convention

on a small and intimate scale that allows you the feeling of being up close and

personal with the guests. In a good way."

-- thedoctorwhocompanion.com



Once we have paid our costs, everything we make will

be donated to Bedford Foodbank. Every month, they

provide emergency food for around 600 children and

adults in crisis in the local area.



So what sort of convention is it?


Some conventions these days are primarily commercial affairs; they're designed for people to buy merchandise from stallholders, and to buy autographs and photos. Bedford Who Charity Cons are more traditional in style; they're non-commercial, and are run by fans for fans. There's a mixture of on stage interviews, performances (including sketches!) by the actors, signing sessions, the opportunity to meet the guests, get their autographs, and have your photo taken with them.


We want to make sure you have a fun, relaxed and enjoyable day... and to raise a lot of money for charity!


The videos...


Not too easy on this site to post videos, so please copy the links and watch them on YouTube. Or try highlighting the link and then right clicking on it.


Colin and the Dalek sketch (2018):











The Time Lord Song (2018)

Soloist: Colin Baker

Backing: The Whobettes (including Sophie Aldred and Elen Thomas)











The Doctor Who Fan Accreditation sketch (2018)

Cast: Sophie Aldred and John Leeson











Sketch: A Weeping Angel in the Psychiatrist's Chair (2018)

Cast: Sophie Aldred and Elen Thomas













Sketch: The Master in the Psychiatrist's Chair (2017)


The Master: Geoffrey Beevers

The Psychiatrist: Maureen O'Brien












The Companions Reunion Party sketch (2017)


Vicki: Maureen O'Brien

Steven: Peter Purves

Sarah-Louise: Sarah-Louise Madison






The Tobias Vaughn Philanthropic Foundation


The Foundation runs Doctor Who events in Bedford for the delectation of

Doctor Who fans,and to raise money for Bedford Foodbank.


Inspired by the spirit of Tobias Vaughn, the Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of mankind.


Here's what we have raised in the past:


Bedford Who Charity Con 1, 2015: £1195


An Evening with Mike Tucker, 2015: £280


Bedford Who Charity Con 2, 2016: £2592


The Great Bedford Foodbank Sponsored Dalek Push, 2016

Patrons: Sophie Aldred and Katy Manning: £4515


An Evening with Mat Irvine, 2016: £115


Bedford Who Charity Con 3, 2017: £2700


Bedford Who Charity Con 4, 2018: £2278


TOTAL: £13,675

Thank you for your staggering generosity!



And sincere thanks to those local businesses who have supported the Foundation's events. Please do support them with your custom! They are:


  • Elstow Ceramic Tiles
  • The Colour Shop (printers), Castle Road
  • The Swan Hotel
  • H C B Park Woodfine Solicitors
  • Sharman Law Solicitors
  • Rice Thai Restaurant, St Cuthbert's Street
  • Golding's Ironmongers, High Street
  • William Rutter Motors
  • The Jaffa Orchard, Castle Road
  • The Picture Gallery, High Street
  • All Ears, High Street
  • Limes, Lime Street
  • The Eagle Bookshop, Castle Road
  • Price Wallace Letting Agents


We're also grateful to those companies who have donated Doctor Who

merchandise for us to auction at Bedford Who Charity Cons.

Please do support them, too, with your custom! They are:


  • Big Finish
  • Underground Toys
  • The Monster Factory
  • Silva Screen Records
  • Character Options
  • Reeltime Pictures
  • Eaglemoss

























Huge thanks to our guests for coming, of course!

This year, we're looking forward to welcoming:


Syvester McCoy (The Doctor)

Sophie Aldred (Ace)

Janet Fielding (Tegan)

Carole Ann Ford (Susan)

Louise Jameson (Leela)

Michael Jayston (The Valeyard)













I M Foreman's Junkyard

specialising in Doctor Who items from

1963 to the present day...

From the giga-rare to the not-very-rare-at-all!


Lots of our listings help to raise money for Bedford Foodbank and to raise

set-up costs for Bedford Who Charity Con 5


Please visit us at https://www.imforemansjunkyard.co.uk




New from

Bedford Who Charity Con (Books):































£15.00, including UK postage

493 pages


A new venture for us: Bedford Who Charity

Con's first book!


The publisher's profits are split between Bedford Foodbank itself and raising set-up funds for Bedford Who Charity Con 5. Please scroll down for details of how to order.


Frank Danes is one of the stalwarts of Bedford Who Charity Cons; he played the Dalek in the Colin and the Dalek sketch in 2018. He's a prolific author; his many books include Fifty Years in Time and Space: A Short History of Doctor Who for St Mark's Press (2013).


Well written, witty and comprehensive, Six Decades of Adventure is for the diehard fan, for those have just joined the show, and for those who love new-Who but are a little hazy about

the classic series. It's the only one volume history and reference book on Doctor Who you'll ever need.


Highly recommended!


To order a copy, please go to https://www.imforemansjunkyard.co.uk

More details on our BWCC Books page