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Bedford Who Charity Con 3 is an independent convention run by and for fans of Doctor Who. It is not endorsed by the BBC. Doctor Who is copyright to the BBC and all characters and aliens are copyright to the BBC and to their respective writers.


Bedford Who

Charity Con 3

April 2017


Full details will be announced soon. Please bookmark this page and keep an eye on it for updates! But for now, there's some more about Bedford Who Charity Cons if you scroll down...


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An Evening with Mat Irvine

Special Effects Designer for Doctor Who, Blake's 7 and Edge of Darkness

St Andrew's Church Centre, Kimbolton Road, Bedford MK40 2PF

Saturday 26th November

6.15 for drinks and nibbles. 7.30 kick-off.










We're delighted to announce that Mat Irvine will be joining us for the second of our special evenings. Mat was the senior effects designer for the Doctor Who stories The Face of Evil, The Stones of Blood, The Creature from the Pit, Warriors' Gate and Warriors of the Deep. He was frequently K9's operator, most recently in the David Tennant story School Reunion.


All profits from the event will be donated to Bedford Foodbank.



To buy your tickets, please send a cheque, made payable to Bedford Who Charity Con, to Simon Danes at 20 Close Road, Pavenham MK43 7PP. Don't forget to include your name and address...


Bedford Who Charity Con 3:

What kind of convention will it be?


A number of events these days are primarily commercial affairs; they're designed for people to buy merchandise from stallholders, and to buy autographs and photos. Nothing wrong with that, but Bedford Who Charity Con 3 is rather different: we'll be presenting a more traditional style of convention. The day will be a mixture of interviews on stage, signing sessions, the opportunity to chat to the guests and to have your photo taken with them. The emphasis is on giving you a fun, relaxed and informal day that you'll really enjoy -- and to raise money for charity.

Bedford Who Charity Con 2 raised a fantastic £2592 for Bedford Foodbank. Thanks to all who came!


Bedford Who

Charity Con 3...

Will it be any good?!

Well, this is what people said about the last two...

One of the best events I've been to:

warm and relaxed atmosphere, amazing guests and fascinating panels.


Make sure you go - it's a great, fun, small and intimate convention - kasterborous.com


Was a fabulous con! Relaxed and fun! Hope you raised lots of money and can do another one.


Another amazing day. Thank you!

And see you at the next one!


A great day. My first involving getting autographs and talking to the guests rather than staring at them from afar and pointing and giggling!

Well organised show!


It was our first convention.

We all had a great day.

I have a feeling it won't be our last...


I enjoyed everything, especially meeting Nicola, Sophie, Anneke and the others…

It was brilliant!


Excellent. Very friendly!


A very successful day; thank you for organising it!


Nice relaxed atmosphere.


What really struck me was how informal the whole thing was, and how down to earth the guests were. Lovely people, a great day…


Mike Tucker: A huge thank you to Simon Danes and his team at Bedford Who Charity Con. A lovely, informal event, with great questions from a really interested and interesting audience.


Anneke Wills: A delightful day in Bedford. It restored my faith in family Doctor Who gatherings. A highlight for me was Ailsa Berk choreographing the crowd in Cybermen, scarecrow and Ood movements. Everyone was brilliant at it! Mike Tucker's panel was fascinating. Thank you to all who came along for making it such a fun day.

Love Anneke.


Sophie Aldred: Truly lovely day. Thanks to all who came and all who worked so hard to create a great atmosphere.








And the guests at Bedford Who Charity Con 1 were (above, left to right):

John Leeson (K9), Terry Molloy (Davros), Anneke Wills (Polly), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Ailsa Berk (choreography), Mike Tucker (The Model Unit: SFX), Sophie Aldred (Ace) and (not pictured) Paul Cornell (writer)




Saturday 8th OCTOBER 2016













Patrons: Sophie Aldred and Katy Manning

Sponsored event in aid of Bedford Foodbank

Huge thanks to those Bedford businesses who have sponsored this so generously. Please do support them with your custom! They are:

Woodfines Solicitors

Rice Thai Restaurant, St Cuthbert's Street

St Peter's Ale House, St Peter's Street

Goldings Ironmongers

William Rutter Motors

The Jaffa Orchard

Community Coffee Shop, Cyber Cafe and Gift Shop, Castle Road

The Picture Gallery, High Street

All Ears, High Street


A letter from Sophie Aldred and Katy Manning



We're the patrons of The Great Bedford Foodbank Sponsored Dalek Push and we'd like to ask for your help.


The Great Bedford Foodbank Sponsored Dalek Push takes place on Saturday 8th October and it's going to be great fun. You may have heard of sponsored bed-pushes, where you push a bed through the streets; well, this time, Daleks are going to be pushed instead!


As you might have guessed, all the money raised will go to Bedford Foodbank. We'd like to tell you why their work matters so much.


It's shocking, but we're afraid it's true: some people in this country still don't have enough to eat. Things like illness, weeks waiting for benefits to come through, relationship breakdown, low income, or escaping from a violent partner can all cause people to fall into poverty. They simply don't have any money to buy food.


In the Bedford area, 500 adults and children would go hungry every month -- if they weren't helped by Bedford Foodbank.

So... please can you help?


Doctor Who fans will be pushing Daleks through Bedford on Saturday 8th October. Please: do sponsor them. You'll find details on how to do this, or how to take part in the event, if you scroll down this page. It costs over £30,000 a year to run the Foodbank and we're hoping that the Dalek Push will raise £5000 of this.


Thank you very, very much for your help! And thank you from Jo and Ace, too!


Best wishes,


Sophie and Katy.


TO TAKE PART, OR TO SPONSOR THE DALEK PUSHERS, please contact Simon Danes (the organiser) on info@bedfordwhocharitycon.co.uk or via our Facebook page: facebook.com/bedfordwhocharitycon

Simon will send you all the details.


You don't need to bring a Dalek, though please do if you've got one! Cosplayers are welcome but you can come in ordinary clothes if you prefer. The event starts at 10 a.m. and will last for two hours. As Daleks are both grumpy and heavy, we'll be pushing them for no more than three miles. For details of the route and other information, please see our Facebook page.

No age limit; children welcome. Under 12s will need an adult with them, though.


There will be PRIZES for the top three people who raise the most money!


Procedure in the event of rain:

We get wet. Please bring a brolly. And a big one if you're a Dalek.


There are some other ways you can help, too:

  • Please share our Facebook post with family and friends and ask them to share it too. If 100 people share the post, our reach becomes enormous.
  • Would your workplace or business be willing to make a donation? It would be great publicity for them and we'd feature their names heavily in our publicity material.

And finally: thank you very, very much!


April 2016 Please click on the pics to see big versions!

Special thanks to Alison Bennett


Bedford Who Charity Con 3


will be held on Saturday 8th April 2017. More details will be announced soon!