Doctor Who convention

in Bedford


Saturday 23rd April 2016






Our brilliant guests:


Katy Manning

Deborah Watling

Sophie Aldred

Nicholas Briggs

John Leeson

Mike Tucker

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre


Katy Manning was, of course, the dizzy, brave, well-loved Jo Grant, who held the nation's hand from 1971 to 1973 as she and Jon Pertwee's Doctor faced the Daleks, giant maggots, the last of the Daemons, the Sea Devils and the Drashigs. She starred in all the Doctor's encounters with the superb original incarnation of the Master, Roger Delgado. Katy reprised the character of Jo in Death of the Doctor, a 2010 episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures -- and for Big Finish, for whom she also plays Iris Wildthyme.



Deborah Watling played Victoria Waterfield from 1967 to 1968, when Patrick Troughton was the Doctor. Deborah still plays Victoria in the Big Finish range; she also reprised the part for the 1995 drama Downtime. Deborah's a popular convention guest and we're delighted that she's coming to Bedford Who Charity Con 2.



Sophie Aldred was the final companion in classic-Who: she played Ace from 1987 to 1989 (and for Big Finish, of course). Sophie's an accomplished TV presenter and voice-over artist and is the voice of none other than Dennis the Menace. She hasn't been put off by her last Bedford Who Charity Con appearance and we're looking forward to welcoming her back!



Nicholas Briggs has been terrifying small children as the Voice of the Daleks since the programme's rebirth in 2005. Nick also voices the Cybermen -- and the Zygons, the Judoon, the Ice Warriors, the Nestenes, and others. He appeared as Peter Hawkins, the original voice of the Daleks, in An Adventure in Space and Time, and as Rick Yates in Torchwood. He is one of the founding fathers of Big Finish.



John - with Jimmy and Victoria - at Bedford Who Charity Con 1!

John Leeson. Over the course of an amazingly wide-ranging career, John has been an actor, writer, wine critic, Channel 4 continuity announcer, and magistrate. In 1977, he was asked to provide two voices for a Doctor Who story called The Invisible Enemy. One was for the eponymous Enemy (aka the Nucleus); the other was for a robot dog, who was originally only intended to feature in that story.


39 years later, John is still the voice (and soul!) of K9.


At the first Bedford Who Charity Con, John was a thoughtful, warm, wise and extremely funny guest -- and we look forward to seeing him again!



Mike Tucker. Mike has worked on the visual effects of Doctor Who from the 1980s to the present day. He runs The Model Unit, founded following the closure of the BBC Visual Effects department in 2003; The Model Unit is responsible for the miniature (model) effects featured in the current series. They won a BAFTA for The Day of the Doctor. Mike himself won a BAFTA craft award for his work on the drama-doc Hiroshima. He will be giving us a talk on how classic-Who icons were adapted and updated for new-Who.



The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. Very, very, very funny. The Socks won the Edinburgh Festival Insider Comedy Award in 2009 and tour nationally and internationally. They have appeared on the BBC and Channel 4; they also feature on a number of the Doctor Who DVDs. The Socks have kindly agreed to present their take on Doctor Who at Bedford Who Charity Con 2. Do not miss.


Simon Fisher-Becker and Ian McNeice send their apologies: they regret that they have had to withdraw because they will both be filming in the States when Bedford Who Charity Con 2 is on.



Please note that guests appear subject to other work commitments. This is a standard note for Doctor Who conventions: it means that they may have to cancel if they're called away for filming and so on. However, please be aware that you'll be booking tickets on this understanding. Thanks!

And the guests at Bedford Who Charity Con 1 were (above, left to right):

John Leeson (K9), Terry Molloy (Davros), Anneke Wills (Polly), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Ailsa Berk (choreography), Mike Tucker (The Model Unit: SFX), Sophie Aldred (Ace) and (not pictured) Paul Cornell (writer)

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Bedford Who Charity Con is an independent convention run by and for fans of Doctor Who. It is not endorsed by the BBC. Doctor Who is copyright to the BBC and all characters and aliens are copyright to the BBC and to their respective writers.


Bedford Who Charity Con 2

Saturday 23rd April 2016


10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

at The King’s House,

245 Ampthill Rd, Bedford MK42 9AZ


As with last time, everything we make from the event, once costs are covered, goes to Bedford Foodbank. They provide emergency food for local people in crisis; each month, they feed between 500 and 600 children and adults.

The organisers wish to thank Elstow Ceramic Tiles for their kind donation towards the costs of the convention.


Facebook page: facebook.com/bedfordwhocharitycon


What kind of convention is it?


A number of events these days are primarily commercial affairs; they're designed for people to buy merchandise from stallholders, and to buy autographs and photos. Nothing wrong with that, but Bedford Who Charity Con 2 is rather different: we're presenting a more traditional style of convention. The day will be a mixture of interviews on stage, signing sessions, the opportunity to chat to the guests and to have your photo taken with them. The emphasis is on giving you a fun, relaxed and informal day that you'll really enjoy -- and to raise money for charity.


Do come: we'd love to see you!


Bedford Who Charity Con 2...

Will it be any good?!

Well, this is what people said about the last one...

One of the best events I've been to:

warm and relaxed atmosphere, amazing guests and fascinating panels.


Make sure you go - it's a great, fun, small and intimate convention - kasterborous.com


Was a fabulous con! Relaxed and fun! Hope you raised lots of money and can do another one.


It was our first convention. We all had a great day.

I have a feeling it won't be our last...


I enjoyed everything, especially meeting Nicola, Sophie, Anneke and the others…


It was brilliant!

Excellent. Very friendly!


A very successful day; thank you for organising it!


Nice relaxed atmosphere.


What really struck me was how informal the whole thing was, and how down to earth the guests were. Lovely people, a great day…


Mike Tucker: A huge thank you to Simon Danes and his team at the Bedford Who Charity Con. A lovely, informal event, with great questions from a really interested and interesting audience.


Anneke Wills: A delightful day in Bedford. It restored my faith in family Doctor Who gatherings. A highlight for me was Ailsa Berk choreographing the crowd in Cybermen, scarecrow and Ood movements. Everyone was brilliant at it! Mike Tucker's panel was fascinating. Thank you to all who came along for making it such a fun day.

Love Anneke.


Sophie Aldred: Truly lovely day. Thanks to all who came and all who worked so hard to create a great atmosphere.








And here are some photos from last time...!