Business Sponsorship

Business Sponsorship

If your business would like to sponsor Bedford Who Charity Con 10 -- or if you're connected with a business who might be interested in doing so -- we'd love to hear from you.

This isn't just an appeal to business owners but to everybody!  Charities find that the most effective way to raise business sponsorship is the direct approach from someone they know; people give to people.  So, it might be that your local pub, the garage you always use, the business you work for or the business you're a regular customer of, the business owned by a friend of yours, your accountant or solicitor, might be willing to sponsor the con.  It doesn't have to be for massive sums of money!  If you're able to help us, thank you very very much.

We've had a number of business sponsors in the past and we're always seeking new ones.  Donations from businesses and charitable organisations have ranged in size between £50 and £1000, though we're of course very grateful for any amount. 

All sponsorship will go direct to SMART itself and will not be used to offset the event's costs. 

Please get in touch with Simon, the event organiser, on

Enormous and sincere thanks -- and huge thanks to all the businesses and charitable organisations who have supported us in the past.