How to get there



Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we're having to reschedule the convention and it will no longer take place on Saturday 4th April.

We're rescheduling it for the autumn.

Needless to say, we're terribly sorry!

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest updates:


Bedford is a medium-sized town in the UK, about 50 miles north of London.  Transport links are good; fast trains from London St Pancras take just 35 minutes and the town is only ten minutes from both the M1 and the A1. 

The M1 and the A1 make Bedford easily accessible from London, the Midlands and the North of England.  There are direct trains from Luton and Gatwick Airports.

The University Theatre is on the Bedford campus in Polhill Avenue, MK41 9EA.  This is just over a mile and a half from the railway station (about half an hour's walk, then) and about the same distance from the bus station.  The number 4 bus goes from the bus station to Wendover Shops, which are about 200 yards from the university; however, there are only two buses an hour and you may find it easiest to take a taxi from the station if you're coming into Bedford by train or bus.

The convention's doors will be open from 9.30 a.m.; earlier if we can manage it.  The event starts at 10.00.


Bedford is right between the A1 and the M1 (and there's a fast dual carriageway linking the two to Bedford); it's about 45 minutes' drive from the M25. Both roads tend to be pretty fast on Saturdays.

There is parking available on the University campus; please arrive in good time to be assured of a space.  It is pay-and-display, but it's also inexpensive.



Trains to Bedford are excellent and frequent. London trains go from St Pancras / King's Cross (the two stations are next door to each other and are linked); fast trains take just 35 minutes and stopping trains take just under an hour. (Adult day return ticket is £16.10*.)

There are direct trains from Brighton -- and from Haywards Heath and Gatwick Airport. These are frequent, too. (If you're coming from Brighton, you can get an adult Saturday off-peak day return for £22.90*.)   The Brighton to Bedford train also stops at East Croydon, St Albans, Luton Airport and Luton and you can join the train there.

Coming from north of Bedford, there are direct trains from Nottingham (1 hour 10 minutes away, adult day return is £40.60*)

and from Loughborough (under an hour; adult day return ticket is £36.00*)

and Leicester (also under an hour; adult day return ticket is £34.60*).


Remember that return tickets are much cheaper on Saturdays than during the week. Do shop around online for the best deal for train tickets; booking in advance can save you a great deal.




Good services - all these are on the X5 luxury coach, operated by Stagecoach - from:

Oxford (£13.70 adult return*)

Cambridge (£11.75 adult return*)

Buckingham (£11.75 adult return*)

Bicester (£11.75 adult return*)

Milton Keynes (£13.70 adult return*)


There is also a regular bus from Northampton (Stagecoach bus 41, £8.20 adult return*).


* These prices are correct at the time of posting.